Camp Not-A-Wheeze 2019
Dates: June 2nd, 2019 thru June 7th, 2019
Where: Camp Shadow Pines in Heber, AZ
Online registration available for campers and volunteers.
Please visit the following link to complete your registration:
Call 602-336-6575 with any questions.
Can’t wait to see you in 2019!

Camp Not-A-Wheeze is the premiere camp for children with asthma in the state of Arizona.Having celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016, Camp Not-A-Wheeze is a unique recreational and educational program that has helped children ages 7-14 with moderate to severe asthma, along with their families, learn effective asthma management skills so they can lead active lives while successfully managing their asthma.


    • In a traditional camp setting asthma education is integrated with recreational camp activities. This empowers children to understand and avoid their asthma triggers, recognize warning signals of an oncoming episode, properly use their medications, and exercise control over their disease.


    • Camp Not-A-Wheeze serves 7-14 year old children with moderate to severe asthma. Historically, a majority of these campers would not be accepted into other camps due to the constant monitoring and medication requirements that are typically integral to asthma management.


    • Medical volunteers can be found throughout Camp (in cabins with kids, accompanying kids to activities, teaching asthma education, and staffing the infirmary). These volunteers MUST be licensed medical professionals in order to attend. Camp Not-A-Wheeze boasts about our skilled medical direction and physician team from the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Banner Healthand Colorado Children’s Hospital who serve in the infirmary as the Camp Physicians. The volunteer team assures campers and parents alike that 24 hour care is ready and available to support these children.




    • Pediatric asthma is the most common chronic childhood health problem and a leading cause of childhood disability, affecting approximately 6.3 million children nationally. In 2014, 10.9% of Arizona youth (17 years and younger) reported having asthma, compared to the national rate of 9.2%. This equates to more than 174,000 Arizona youth with asthma.i


    • According to the Arizona Department of Health Services hospital charges for asthma-related hospitalizations and emergency department visits exceeded $115 million in 2014.i


    • In 2009, the direct cost of asthma was approximately $3,259 per person each year. Nationally, children with asthma miss 2.48 more days of school each year than children without asthma and adults miss approximately 14 million work days each year.




    • Camp Not-A-Wheeze evaluations demonstrate positive changes in asthma management, school absenteeism, medical emergencies, and incidence of social and behavioral problems.


    • Studies indicate that asthma camps decrease a child’s anxiety, symptoms, exacerbations, school absences, emergency department visits, and hospitalizations; while also providing cost-savings of more than $2,000 per child in the year following participation in an asthma camp.[ii]


    • Post test surveys indicate that:


    • The percentage of campers who believe that asthma prevents them from doing physical activities dropped from 87% on the pre-test to 29% on the post-test


    • 89% can identify their triggers/causes


    • 86% know how to safely participate in high impact activities despite their asthma


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